Jeanne Webb has 37 years of experience in the accounting side of the timber industry. She earned a B.S. in Business Administration, specializing in Banking and Finance, from The University of Florida in 1976. She started as the bookkeeper for Greenville Timber Corporation in 1977 and worked for the company at various times in that capacity, as well as substitute secretary and receptionist, for 10 years. Jeanne detoured from bookkeeping in 1987 to teach fourth grade at Madison Academy, followed by her earning an Early Childhood Education degree from Valdosta State College in 1992. For the next three years, she taught computer classes at St. John School in Valdosta, Georgia. The past 20 years, Jeanne resumed her part-time position at Greenville Timber Corporation. Part of that time was spent managing The Rosary Florist, which was once owned by Greenville Timber Corporation. She also worked doing title searches for Hardee Law Firm in Madison. Her responsibilities with Genesis Timber Company include managing payroll, 1099 information and real estate investments.